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Leveraging 33 years experience in financial markets to help clients in SME Consulting & Capital Raising.

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Spotting additional synergies in funding, marketing, and sales

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Introducing AJIS Capital's extensive ecosytem to all clients

Consulting Services

My ecoystem includes a billionaire active in the health care and sustainable space, a number of crowdfunding platforms (where I am any equity partner in one), member of 2 consulting groups with 4,000 and 150 members respectively (active in various fundraising techniques including R&D tax credits), access to a database with over 1mm companies at various stages of funding with access to their investors, and part of a global media distribution platform at the final stages of fundraising involved in sports, films, tv, music, books, games and social impact apps with access to over 3 billion telecom clients over the next 3 years. Furthermore, I can help all clients boost B2C sales with up to 10% sales conversion rate using low-cost disruptive AI-digital microinfluencing marketing platform across multiple social media channels, multiple geographies, in multiple languages (30+ languages) and has been white-labelled by a leading advertising agency with blue-chip clients.

Capital Raising Services

I can help advise startups and more advanced-stage companies access capital via my extended ecosystem of crowdfunders, fellow consultants who have access to over 600 non-bank lenders for both debt and equity for funds, family offices, and an external database that can give me a list of investors of your competitors for many sectors.

Unique Selling Point

I can help my client throughout the capital raising journey, from startup phase to IPO.  I can also provide access to synergies with other companies I am involved in and help boost sales via a proprietary digital marketing platform with up to a 10% sales conversion rate at a fraction of the cost of traditional media platforms.

Capital raising services and business synergy advice provided but not limited to:

  • Funds
  • Startups
  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Digital Content Providers

For furthering your business growth:

I can introduce you to a disruptive digital marketing platform with up to a 10% sales conversion rate using microinfluencers for a highly targeted global campaign in 30+ languages or much smaller local campaigns for both B2C and B2B; the B2B campaign can access over 5 million (as of May 2018) highly targeted senior executives on Linked In; this number is growing at 1 million per month.

As partner of IBD (see, I can offer prospective clients a FREE health check on their business, and ascertain, for example, if they qualify for an R&D tax credit from HMRC; I have access to over 180 IBD partners to help your business grow;  for international customers, I am a member of ICG (see with access to over 4,000 consultants around the world; if I do not have the expertise myself, I can find it within my extensive network quite easily.

Philip Meir
AJIS Capital
07714 236 298